Sausage Fame

Sausages have appeared in numerous songs, books, television shows, commercials and more.

Here are a few highlights from the rich cultural history of the sausage:

Sausages on the Small Screen

The Muppets

SNL (Superfans) Mony Python's Flying Circus
Good Eats (A Beautiful Grind) X-Men (cartoon) 

Classic Commercials

Kowalski Sausage (1954)

Tennessee Pride Sausage (vintage commercial)
Bud Light Jimmy Dean (1994)
Braun 'N Serve Sausage Commercial (1986) Bob Evans (1993)
Hillshire Farm "Go Meat" Swift's Premium Sausage (1955)
Oscar Mayer Bologna Song (1973) Little Caesars (1994)

Sausages in Music

Eggs and Sausage (Tom Waits)

If I Had A Million Dollars (Bare Naked Ladies)

I Still Like Bologna (Alan Jackson)

Back When (Tim McGraw)

My Bologna (Weird Al Yankovich)

Everybody Eats When They Come to My House (Cab Calloway)

Funky Hot Grits (Rufus Thomas)

Books about Sausages

Recipe Books

Cooking with Uncle
Charley: Recipes for Sausage Lovers

Great Sausage Recipes
and Meat Curing by Rytek Kutas

Hot Links and Country Flavors

Jodi Maroni's Sausage Kingdom Cookbook

Bruce Aidell's Complete Sausage Book: Recipes from America's Premium Sausage Maker
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159 Exciting Easy-do-meals with Sausage by Ida Bailey Allen

Childrens Books

Dancing Sausages by Hans Grundin

Flying Sausages by B. Aidells

Rosie and Jim and the Magic Sausages 

Sausage and Spooks by Michaela Morgan

Sausage in Trouble by Michaela Morgan

Second Fiddle: Or How to Tell a Blackbird from a Sausage by Siobhan Parkinson

Silly Sausage and the Little Visitor by Michaela Morgan

Ten Fat Sausages by Elke Zinmeister
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Gumdrop and the Great Sausage
Image Unavailable
Silly Sausage by Clive Hopwood