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Hot Dogs Across America
We all have our preferences, see what people in other parts of the country like best.

Top Tactics for a Skinny Summer Picnic
Can we have a drum roll please?

The "H" Files
The mystery behind the hot dog name is revealed!

History of the Hot Dog
The complete epic: from 9th century B.C. to the present.

Hot Dog Factory Tour
An illustrated tour of how hot dogs are really made.

How Hot Dogs Are Made
The real story isn't so mysterious after all.

Choking Prevention in Children
NHDSC Guidelines to ensuring hot dogs and sausages are safe for young children.

Kosher Hot Dogs
Answers to some commonly asked questions about Kosher products.

Hot Dog Primer
Inquiring minds want to know...

Hot Dog Etiquette
Everyday guidance for eating America's most sacred food.

Sports Facts
A Fan's Favorite Fare

How Do You Say...?

Traveling abroad soon? You'll never be hungry again with the following translations.

  • Spanish - Perrito Caliente
  • Italian - Caldo Cane
  • French - Chien Chaud
  • German - Heisser Hund, or Wurst
  • Portugese - Cachorro Quente
  • Swedish - Korv, or Varmkorv
  • Norweigan and Danish - Grillpolser
  • Czech - Park v Rohliku
  • Dutch - Worstjes
  • Finnish - Makkarat

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