Photography of hot dogs are available upon request from the Council for use in publications, with credit to the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council. Please submit your request to Webmaster. Please specify which photos you are requesting, your name, address, publication and file resolution requirements and in the subject line: photo request from Please allow up to one week for photos.

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A1 Sausage Stuffed
Acorn Squash
(check out this recipe)

A2 Bread Stuffing with Sausage
(check out this recipe)

A3 Sausage and Egg

A4 Hot Dogs
Across America

A5 Hot Dogs
for Dinner

A6 Kid-style Corn Dog

A7 Casual
Hot Dog Lunch

A8 Healthy Snacks

A9 Autumn Beer and
Sausage Meal

A10 Healthy Hot Dog Lunch

A11 Mediterranean Sausage
and Cheese Brunch
(check out this recipe)

A12 Country Pate Sausage
and Mushroom Savory Tart
(International Quesadillas and
Country Plate recipes)


A13 Mixed Sausage Grill

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