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Meat, Livestock and Poultry Coalition Launches Web Site Calling for Balanced Food and Fuel Policy, June 11, 2007

Coalition Press Release: Study Warns U.S. Near Tipping Point in
Corn-Based Ethanol, May 17, 2007

NPPC Statement: Corn Ethanol Study Projects Further Hikes
For Input Costs, Retail Pork Prices, May 17, 2007

AMI Statement, Congress Should Take Steps to Minimize Impact of Ethanol Policy on Animal Agriculture, April 19, 2007

AMI Offers Suggestions to Ease Adjustments Caused by Diversion of Feed to Fuel, March 8, 2007

NCBA Statement, Cattlemen Voice Concerns on Rising Feed Costs, March 8, 2007

NTF Chairman Expresses Concerns About Renewable Fuels and Feed, March 8, 2007