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Press Releases/Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)

Renewable Fuel Standard

Texas Governor Perry, Food Industry Leaders Urge EPA To Suspend Ethanol Mandate, Food Producers, Environmentalists and Consumer Advocates Echo Perry’s call to Revisit U.S. Biofuel Mandates, June 24, 2008  

AMI Files Comments in Support of Renewable Fuels Standard Waiver Says Corn Ethanol Mandate Causing Substantial Losses Nationwide, June 23, 2008 

USDA Analysis Understates Impact of Ethanol Boom on Food Prices, Economist Says, June 3, 2008

AMI Tells Congress That Reliance on Corn-Based Ethanol Links Food Prices to Fuel Prices, May 6, 2008 

Expert Economist Says National Ethanol Policy Continuing to Drive Meat and Poultry Prices Higher, Mar 11, 2008

AMI Says House Energy Bill Trades Food For Fuel; Calls Bill's Passage Counterproductive, December 6, 2007